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Shangcheng & Partners is an officially authorized patent and trademark firm to represent domestic and international clients in the area of intellectual property laws in China. We are a term of more than 110 staff, including about 60 professionals of attorneys-at-law, patent and trademark attorneys. With fast growing of our business, we keep on hiring the following professionals and/or supporting staff:

1. For patent prosecution for domestic and international works in the areas of electric and electronic, computers, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, and mechanical engineering, who must be of bachelor degree or higher and fluent either in English or Japanese, and bilingual in foreign languages preferred;

2. For trademark prosecution and for enforcement of patent, trademark, and copyright, who must be of bachelor degree or higher with major in foreign language or in laws, and fluent in either English or Japanese;

3. For patent and trademark administrative and secretarial work, who should be college graduates or higher with any majors, but must be good at English.
Tel: 86 (10) 6625-6655;  Fax: 86 (10) 6625-6677    
E-Mail:recruit@shangchengip.com (Contact person: Ms. Wenzhu Zhao)  

Contact Person
Ms. Wenzhu Zhao, Ms. Wei Li


TEL: 86 (10) 6625-6655

FAX: 86 (10) 6625-6677

OFFICE: Beijing

Ms. Yang Shen


TEL: 86 (21) 6237-2206 

FAX: 86 (21) 6237-2204

OFFICE: Shanghai